Creating Your Dream Home

Most people are forced to obtain the services of an architect to design their home, then hunt around for the most inexpensive builder to do the construction. At Eastmond Enterprises we offer a one-stop shopping which entails the design process, as well as the construction. These combined steps save the customer additional expenses. We have over 27 years experience in the field of Architecture, and are highly trained in functional building design and esthetics. At the start of our relationship we will be discussing what you would like your dream home or commercial project to be. For example: Where and how much you would be comfortable spending, how soon you would like to get started, and when would you like to move. We want to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

When meeting with our team, you will discuss the your home design. This process is easier than you may expect. The goal is to make this process fun, so that you enjoy the designing experience. During this process, you are fully involved in making selection of materials, size of rooms, as well as giving ideas on any special features needed for your lifestyle. We will listen to your needs and desires and will design a home based on your lifestyle, personal tastes, and budgetary requirements. One of our designers will develop a set of preliminary drawings, and from those drawings (set of plans) we will estimate the price of your home. If the estimated price falls within your range, we will then work on final drawings. If the estimated price is out of your range, we will mutually agree on modifications that will hopefully bring it back into your range. We will work on making your dream a reality. It's that easy.

Once the drawings are finalized, the plans are finalized, sealed and submitted for permitting to the Building Department. Once your home has been approved and permitted, we will start building your dream home.

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